Faucetworks LLC is developing the  Faucet™  artificial intelligence diagnostic (AID) medical device.

What is the Faucet?

It's An Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic for Stroke

The Faucet AID will diagnose routine cases of acute ischemic stroke (AIS) and other neurological emergencies autonomously, and it will refer complex or uncertain cases to on-call physicians who can then take over evaluation of the patient by video conferencing connection.  This can be done in the ambulance, enabling immediate treatment of AIS patients with existing standard-of-care therapies that are currently only available in hospitals.  Patients with other neurological emergencies that can be treated in the field could similarly benefit from the Faucet.

About Us

Mark Borsody, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Borsody is a practicing stroke neurologist and serial medical device entrepreneur.  He is inventor of an emergency treatment for stroke known as the VitalFlow stimulator that is currently in clinical testing.

Renata Barretto

Ms. Barreto is a doctoral candidate in the School of Law at the University of California - Berkeley.  Her focus in the field of jurisprudence and social policy is on ethical and regulatory us of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Lela Mirtskhulava, Ph.D.

Dr. Mirtskhulava is a computer scientist specializing in artificial intelligence.  She has previously developed a prototype artificial intelligence capable of diagnosing stroke based on clinically-available data inputs.

Contact Us


5514 Doyle Street, Emeryville, California 94608

TEL: +1 510 986 4367