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Neurological emergencies such as acute stroke cause time-dependent brain damage. Emergency treatments for different types of acute strokes, specifically ischemic strokes, using rtPA are rarely given, because of the time it takes to diagnose them

Faucetworks pitch presentation 05012019

Faucetworks is developing the Faucet™ artificial intelligence diagnostic (AID), a medical device that can diagnose neurological emergencies like an acute stroke in the ambulance. Rapid diagnosis of acute stroke in the ambulance will reduce the time it takes the hospital to treat the patient. This will reduce brain damage and improving the patient’s neurological condition while allowing for the use of therapies. 

 Neurological emergencies that are currently treatable, like ischemic stroke, must be distinguished from stroke mimic conditions. Faucet's patient interface provides data to a series of algorithms trained for analysis and diagnostic decision making.



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