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Neurological emergencies such as acute stroke cause time-dependent brain damage. Emergency treatments for different types of acute strokes, specifically ischemic strokes, using rtPA are rarely given, because of the time it takes to diagnose them.



Our Faucet AID will be a cloud-based artificial neural network with natural language and visual recognition that can diagnose neurological emergencies by direct communication with the patient. Once the diagnosis is finished, the Faucet AID will then direct the treatment information and guide the patient's transportation to the correct hospital. Patients who have uncertain diagnoses will be referred to an on-call neurologist for evaluation.

Neurological emergencies that are currently treatable, like ischemic stroke, must be distinguished from stroke mimic conditions. Faucet's patient interface provides data to a series of algorithms trained for analysis and diagnostic decision making.


Stroke is the #1 cause of disability and the 2nd most common cause of death globally. In the US, nearly 800,000 cases of stroke occur each year, costing approximately $37 billion in healthcare expenses, there 17+ million cases of stroke annually of which 5.7 million are fatal. Ischemic stroke currently can be treated in the ambulance with rtPA.

By delivering the patient to the hospital with the diagnosis of acute stroke established, the patient then only needs routine neuroimaging to establish the correct diagnosis which leads to IV rtPA treatment. Doing so eliminates the need for in-hospital physician evaluation, saving on-average 83 minutes of time to IV rtPA treatment.


This time saved translates into 37% increase in rtPA effectiveness and 3 times the number of treated patients. Due to its scalability, the Faucet AID can be used in approximately 81,000 ambulances in the U.S. and 178,000 ambulances in Europe. Emergency departments in hospitals do not have physician services may benefit from the Faucet AID.

The Faucet is currently in development.  No product is yet available for sale.


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